Golden Knights fan identified as officer shot in the back of the head during riots last Monday.

So sad.

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I have some very sad news to report although some of you may have already caught onto this. 

For weeks now we have seen civil unrest in the streets of America and on several occasions now we have seen those situations turn very ugly, including one such incident last Monday in Las Vegas. During that event we learned that a Metro Police officer had been shot in the back of the head in a senseless act of violence, one that of course does nothing to support the peaceful protests that have been taking place across the country. At the time the Las Vegas Golden Knights issued a message of support for the officer who was then, and is still now, fighting for his life.

Here is that message:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Las Vegas Metro Police officer who was critically injured while on duty Monday night and all who honorably serve our community to keep us safe. We stand with those who peacefully seek to inspire change, but condemn violence as a means to do so. We will unite in observing #BlackoutTuesday to continue to raise awareness against racial inequality, reflect and express solidarity.

Now I have no doubt the Golden Knights would have published such a message for anyone risking their lives during such a volatile time, especially for a man who may very well have given his life in the line of duty. Little did the Golden Knights know at the time however that the officer in question was actually Shay Mikalonis, a 29 year old hockey fan who was actually a proud supporter of the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Mikalonis was identified by a retired former police supervisor who included a picture of Mikalonis with a female companion, both of who are wearing their Golden Knights gear and appear to be live in attendance at one of their games. 

Stories of senseless acts of violence like this are always tragic but they hit especially close to home when they impact a member of the hockey community. Our thoughts are with the Mikalonis family and we hope that Shay will manage to make a full recovery regardless of how improbable that may seem.