Golden Knights’ owner accidentally reveals info on new 3rd jersey!

More and more speculation now since he let it slip...

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The Vegas Golden Knights might be the youngest team in the NHL, they are following suits with the other clubs. 

On Thursday, as the Golden Knights were holding press conferences and cleaning out their dressing room following a controversial elimination at the hands of the San Jose Sharks in the first round, it was confirmed that Vegas will have a third jersey for next season.

The team made the announcement itself sending out a tweet that simply said that owner Bill Foley felt that it was “highly likely” that the Knights would have a third jersey next season.

However, Foley almost gave a crucial detail away when asking fans to speculate about what the new jersey would look like. The owner had to stop himself, but insiders and fans still managed to hear him say that the new jersey would be gold. 

It would certainly make sense that the Golden Knights would choose to go with that look in order to stand out in the NHL from a uniform standpoint.

There would be no better city suited for a gold jersey.