Gorgeous goalie girlfriend mocks her man in preseason game!

Hockey wife material:



On Sunday, the San Jose Sharks fell to the Los Angeles Kings 2-1 in overtime, but goalie Magnus Chrona looked good in between the pipes. In his first start in the preseason, Chrona made 28 saves and did not allow many rebounds. He was happy with his performance after the exhibition game.

“It was a perfect start to the game, and I feel like it kind of eased me into it a little bit,” Chrona said postgame. “It dropped the nerves and just kind of let me play.”

However, his girlfriend Tessa was not as pleased. That’s because the gorgeous woman trends on Tik Tok when she posted a video of herself watching Chrona from the stands, saying:

“All I wanted was a college fling, and now I’m living in San Jose watching him catch pucks all day.”

This is quite funny when you think of the sacrifices she will probably have to make to follow her man around as his NHL career gets started. It is better to laugh about it.

Sharks head coach David Quinn mentioned after the game how Chrona “ doesn’t get rattled.”

“He gets to spots and there’s a calmness to him.”

Chrona probably had a good laugh about Tessa’s post and looks to make her proud everytime she watches him catch pucks all day.

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Source: Tik Tok