Gotta see it: Crazy stat proves the Sens should have been favorites all along

Should we really be that surprised?

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Okay, hands up…who had the Ottawa Senators in the Eastern Conference Championship at the beginning of the season? Anyone? How about at the beginning of the playoffs? Still no one? Hmmm…well, maybe we should have all seen this coming. That’s because head coach Guy Boucher has had tremendous success in his young NHL coaching career. In fact, TSN reporter Ian Mendes highlighted an interesting fact immediately following tonight’s series victory over the New York Rangers that should have us all reconsidering the Ottawa Senators:

That’s pretty incredible if you think about it. Boucher gets a bad reputation because of his offense stifling, defensive-zone smothering coaching style, but the results are evident. Senators general manager Pierre Dorion hired Boucher specifically so that he could bring more structure to his team’s lineup and make them harder to play against in tight playoff games. Again, the results have been evident.