Gotta See It: NHL censors exchange between Crosby and Karlsson

This from the league that’s apparently so concerned with mental health and brain trauma.

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Immediately following the Pittsburgh Penguins’ dramatic game 7, double overtime victory over the Ottawa Senators in the Eastern Conference Final, the team’s two captains met at center ice to shake hands and exchange words. It’s an NHL tradition and this time hockey fans actually got to get a little more insight into the display of sportsmanship, as both players were mic’ed up for the exchange.

In the original video that surfaced online, Sens captain Erik Karlsson congratulated Pens captain Sidney Crosby, wished him well and commented, “I hope you’re healthy.” That video can be seen here:

The exchange has since been edited by the NHL to remove this reference. Interesting. The new version can be seen at 1:30 here:

Is this just a case of taking artistic license with the information? Or is the NHL trying to banish any mention of head injury from its official content? The league is facing significant legal challenges with regards to its concussion and brain injury protocol, so it’s not such a stretch to assume that they’ll go to these lengths in an effort to exonerate themselves from any wrongdoing. What’s your take? In our opinion, the omission is pretty glaring.