GOTTA SEE IT: Pens reporter cuts bizarre WWE style promo

Eat your heart out, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

GOTTA SEE IT: Pens reporter cuts bizarre WWE style promo

After stirring up controversy with Washington Capitals head coach Barry Trotz in a testy post-game press conference, Pittsburgh Tribune columnist and Upgruv sports editor Rob Rossi took to the airwaves to give his opinion on the Capitals and their head coach. What resulted was a shoot interview that put The Rock to shame.

Rossi called out Trotz as a loser and stated, “you stay a lot of stupid things and you don’t win a lot of playoff games.” He puffed his chest and continued, “I’m starting to think there’s a reason for all these playoff failures in your career.” 

It’s clear that Rossi’s inflammatory comments were meant to illicit reaction amongst both the Caps and Pens fanbases, but there’s no way he could have predicted the criticism that would come his way. Fellow reporters have called for him to lose his press credentials, and fans on social media have ridiculed him endlessly. One thing that’s not clear, is Rossi being serious, or is he just stirring the pot? Judge for yourself: