Gotta See It: The full Bruins Expansion list

Do you agree with GM Sweeney’s choices? Who’s Vegas going to take?

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With the NHL Expansion Draft and the birth of the Vegas Golden Knights just over two days away, the entire league is buzzing with anticipation. And now that the protected lists have been made public, fans and analysts are pouring over the list of available players and putting together their best guesses at what the NHLs 31st franchise might look like.

With the Bruins releasing their protected list yesterday, it’s now clear who will be up for grabs. Take a look for yourself: 

Who do you think Vegas general manager George McPhee scoops up? Miller? McQuad? Hayes? Khokhlachev? Moore? Subban? Or, maybe Sweeney can sweeten the pot and convince Vegas to take on Beleskey’s anchor or a contract?

Whomever gets selected, it’s fair to say that Sweeney did a good job in protecting his best players. None of the available players are necessarily game-changing members of the Bruins roster. While it might be disappointing to lose a promising young player like Miller or Khokhlachev, it won’t compromise the team’s future.