Gotta See It: What childhood toy does Patrick Eaves reach for to pass the time?

What? No Tickle-Me Elmo at the Eaves household?

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Anaheim Ducks forward Patrick Eaves has a lot of time on his hands these days. The 33 year-old veteran has been sidelined with a leg injury since game 3 of the Ducks’ second round playoff series against the Edmonton Oilers and now can only watch as his team matches on through the Stanley Cup playoffs.

He’s making progress, but it would be a stretch to expect the gritty goalscorer back in the team’s lineup by the end of the postseason. So, what’s he doing in the meantime? Lego. Yes, the popular children’s building set. His mother, sensing that he could use something productive to do with his time, mailed him a set to occupy his time.

“She’s funny,” said Eaves, when talking about his mother. “She sent me a Lego set of a real car.  Seven hours yesterday, I was sitting there putting it together. I got it done.”

Hey, whatever works! We can only imagine the mental fatigue created from watching your teammates from the sidelines, so a bit of harmless fun can be good for helping the healing process.