GOTTA SEE IT: Yet another example that Oilers fans are the best

Here's hoping they continue to move on so we can see more of these stories!

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There’s no doubt about it: Oilers fever has hit the city of Edmonton. Unfortunately, it looks like the city’s nurses have also been stricken, as well. In fact, a group of health care workers at Royal Alexandra Hospital have taken it upon themselves to show their support, in particular their support for a uniquely named player on the team’s defense. And who better to be a mascot for the city’s health care workers than a man named Nurse?

“We thought we’d band together and have a little fun with a play on words,” said Liane Manz, a nurse and patient care manager at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. 

While his fans cheer him on, Nurse is doing his part for the Oilers this postseason. The 22 year-old blue liner only has one point in 10 playoff games so far, but he’s been a physical and stabilizing force on the team’s defense corps. So, while superstar Connor McDavid may get more of the limelight, Nurse has been there when his team needs him. Which, given his surname, is truly appropriate.