Green Men make their return to Vancouver on Saturday.

Green Men make their return to Vancouver on Saturday.

The legendary Green Men made their official return for the first time in several years.

Jonathan Larivee

The Green Men have returned.

On Saturday night, as the Vancouver Canucks welcomed the Boston Bruins to Rogers Arena, the former #1 fans in the world made their grand entrance much to the delight of fans in attendance.

The pair known as Force and Sully, and whose real names are Adam Forsyth and Ryan Sullivan, are Canucks super fans who made a name for themselves by torturing opposing players that would end up in the visitors penalty box, but prior to tonight the duo had been on an eight year hiatus.

It is rather fitting that they would make their return against the Boston Bruins, the only time the Bruins will appear at Rogers Arena this season, given the storied rivalry between the Canucks and the Bruins.

To no one's surprise the Green Men quickly went back to their old ways, taunting the Bruins players who had the misfortune of finding themselves in the penalty box tonight.