Gritty attacks BizNasty!

Gritty 1 - Biz 0.

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In case you missed last night’s tilt between the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals, well you missed a beauty of a game. 

Unfortunately for Flyers fans though, the home team came out on the losing end of a 2-1 shootout game, but that didn’t spoil the atmosphere in the crowd. 

In fact, the Spittin’ Chiclets crew (Ryan Whitney, Paul Bissonette, R.A. and Mike Grinnell) were all in attendance taking in the game and… well you just KNEW that Gritty was going to try to get one over on the boys. 

Check out these photos and the clip below of Gritty absolutely DUMMYING Biz with the silly string gun.

Gritty workin’ hard for that Chiclets bump, eh boys? Not gonna lie, would love to see Gritty join the boys on their next wagon tour.