Gulutzan makes concerning statement about Flames

He's not happy.

Gulutzan makes concerning statement about Flames

The Calgary Flames are hot - coming off 3 straight wins. But head coach Glen Gulutzan doesn't appear to be happy at all with what he's seeing.

“For me right now, our battle level and our execution needs to get better,” Gulutzan said to the Calgary Sun. “Our breakouts need to get better. We’re spending too much time in our own zone. We’re giving too much off the rush with our puck management, so we do have to tidy that up … we’re getting out-chanced on a nightly basis.

“That’s cause for concern.”

That being said, he isn't full of doom and gloom - offering these words that shed a more optimistic light on the situation.

“Our game isn’t far off of where it was this time last year,” Gulutzan said. “Our goalie, in my mind, has got us the last two, for sure. We do have some work to do. It’s going to be the same process we went through last year. I think we’re more confident compared to this time last year, we’re more comfortable. 

“We’ve gotta clean this up quick.”

The fact that Calgary won three games in a row despite playing sub-par hockey is a positive sign - when they clean up their execution, they are bound to be a very tough team to play against.