Habs accused of using fake crowd noise at Bell Centre


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Look, let’s not kid ourselves… it’s going to be straight up WEIRD when the NHL returns and there are no fans in the crowd. I mean, I’ll still watch but it’s definitely going to be weird.

There have been some reports that the NHL may pump “crowd noise” into the building in order to make things a bit more normal, but honestly I think that may just make things weirder. No one is going to be tricked into thinking that fans are in the building, so why are we bothering trying to trick people? Nonsense.

Here’s a new one though, NHL insider Pierre McGuire claims that teams are pumping crowd noise into their own games “a lot more than you think.”

Check it out:

TSN host Mitch Gallo goes as far as to call out the Montreal Canadiens and while McGuire won’t tip his hand, he does say that “a very important arena in the league” uses fake crowd noise. Interesting. 

Personally, I’ve been to a dozen or so NHL buildings and I’ve never once felt like there was fake cheering added, but it would not be surprising at all.