Habs coach throws P.K. Subban under the bus after another loss.

He puts the blame squarely on Subban.

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Boy oh boy this situation in Montreal is insanely dysfunctional right now.

Earlier today during a radio interview long time Habs insider Michael Boone revealed his belief that there were serious problems in the Montreal locker room,. specifically between P.K. Subban and Max Pacioretty, and now this.

Head coach Michel Therrien has just thrown Subban right under the bus, putting the blame squarely on the shoulders of his star defenseman, before backing the bus back over him one more time.

"PK did not play the odds on that play at the end... We need to play as a team," said Therrien as per Richard Labbe.

Just in case it wasn't clear enough that Therrien was blaming Subban for the loss, he reiterated the point, and was even more direct the second time.

"A selfish play that cost us the game tonight."

Whether this is Therrien sending a message to his player, and at this stage one has to wonder if there's a point to even doing that, or it's simply Therrien trying to save his job, this is certainly not going to help the situation in the Montreal locker room.