Habs GM Marc Bergevin puts an end to the Alex Galchenyuk experiment.

Habs GM puts his foot down.

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The Montreal Canadiens general manager has put his foot down. 

The media got a great deal of access to the Canadiens players and management during a golf tournament on Monday and the media used that opportunity to ask the Habs some hard hitting questions. 

One of the biggest reveals coming out of that question and answer session was the reveal from Habs GM Mrc Bergevin that the Alex Galchenyuk experiment was officially at an end. 

“I’ve been here for six years. I’ve seen Alex everyday, and at this time center is a tough position,” said Bergevin as per Brian Wilde of Recrutes. “It’s demanding. I’m sure as we speak today Alex is not able to play that position everyday, and I don’t need ten more tries to know he’s not”.

The Habs have had a major hole up the middle of their lineup for some time now, and they attempted for a long period of time to use Galchenyuk as a center in the hopes he could fill that hole.

Now however there is little doubt that Bergevin will allow his coach to continue moving in that direction and instead will push Galchenyuk back to being a full time winger for the Canadiens.