Habs GM reveals stunning reason why free agents refuse to come to Montreal

The message seems to be clear...

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The Montreal Canadiens cleaned out their lockers from the dressing room on Tuesday and are off to play golf as the postseason kicks off tonight without them. 

Some roster changes have already been announced as it was revealed that veteran backup goalie Antti Niemi wouldn’t return to the team next season, however, general manager Marc Bergevin remained pretty quiet on what he plans on doing this summer. 

During the past offseason, Bergevin pulled off several key trades, bringing in Max Domi and Joel Armia, while shipping captain Max Pacioretty in return for Tomas Tatar, Nick Suzuki and a second round pick. 

While Bergevin did not reveal any hints on whether he would orchestrate another blockbuster deal this summer, his star goalie had an important message to send out to free agents looking to sign with a winning team. 

“I would tell them that obviously my window is growing smaller and I really want to win more than ever, so I think that should be a pretty good indication of how bad we want to win here.”

Sure, Bergevin would welcome any star free agent to Montreal, however, he revealed during his end of season press conference that there are some elements in his way that he simply cannot control. 

Habs players always find good things to say about the city and their fans, however, Bergevin made it clear that it is hard to sway free agents who will base their decisions on such mundane issues as taxes, weather, travel and whether their wives are going to happy.

He might say that Domi is happy and looking to be a Habs player for a very long time; the kid isn’t married. 

We all know that behind every great man, there is a great woman. Who appears to decide where the man will work… 

I guess that the message Bergevin wanted to share with Canadiens’s fans: don’t hold your breath waiting for a significant free-agent signing.