Habs player leaks details about Martin St. Louis' absence.
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Habs player leaks details about Martin St. Louis' absence.

Montreal Canadiens head coach Martin St. Louis has left the team and we now have some idea why.

Jonathan Larivee

The Montreal Canadiens stunned their fan base and much of the hockey community on Saturday when it was announced that head coach Martin St. Louis would be stepping away from the team. The only details provided by the Canadiens at the time of the announcement were that St. Louis' absence would be an indefinite one, and that the absence was caused by family reasons.

The Canadiens are keeping this situation tightly under wraps for obvious reasons, but on Saturday night an additional detail about St. Louis' absence from the team was, perhaps accidentally, leaked by Canadiens defenseman David Savard.

While speaking to the French media, Savard would go on to reveal that St. Louis' absence was related to one of his young sons when he mentioned that the team was trying to get the win for Martin St. Louis' kid.

"We're going to try and get a win for his son," said Savard in French during an intermission interview.

Savard was of course only trying to be kind to his coach and his coach's family, and wasn't actively trying to leak any information to the media.

St. Louis has three sons, all of whom are hockey players. His son Ryan is 20 years old, his son Lucas in 18 years old and his son Mason is 16 years old, but of course it is impossible to tell which of St. Louis' sons Savard was referencing with his comments.

I wish Martin St. Louis and the St. Louis family all the best as they go through this challenging time.