Habs ready to pull another monster move to save face!

Montreal failed and now must do way better. Will it work?

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It seems like the Montreal Canadiens are - once again - up to something… 

The Habs pulled a shocking move on Monday, signing Carolina Hurricanes restricted free-agent forward Sebastian Aho to a five-year, $42.27-million offer sheet. It was the first time since 2013 that an offer sheet had been signed. A day later, Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon revealed his club will match the offer sheet, and former NHL head coach Michel Bergeron feels the Habs lost face in front of the other teams with this failed attempt to bolster their fire power and believes Marc Bergevin has another trick up his sleeves. 

“The Canadiens looked bad. And to save face, Bergevin has no other choice: he needs to hit it out of the part once and for all, as I’ve mentioned before,” explained Bergeron on the air of Les Partants on the air of TVA Sports on Tuesday night. 

“The Canadiens cannot kick off the season with their current roster. With the loss of Andrew Shaw, it’s a worse team than last year’s…”

Bergeron had a feeling the Hurricanes weren’t going to part with Aho and believes Bergevin needed to make a stronger statement if he wanted to make sure he was kept in Montreal. 

“The offer sheet wasn’t significant enough to worry the Hurricanes. It wasn’t a ridiculous offer, but it wasn’t high enough. 
“If Bergevin wanted to hit it out of the park with this offer sheet he needed to go all the way and put up a seven-year, $10 million a season deal. It was a waste of time and personally, I feel ashamed for Bergevin.”

Let’s see if the former coach turned analyst is right and Bergevin is ready for this home run now that this Aho endeavour fell through… 

Are we talking Mitch Marner here?! 

The Habs might also be looking to bolster their back end and could make a move via the UFA market by signing free agent Jake Gardiner, who be returning to the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

Stay tuned...