Habs release new shirt mocking Maple Leafs over playoff collapse.

This is pretty tacky.


The Montreal Canadiens overcame some pretty big odds to storm back and win 3 consecutive games over the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and although it is an achievement that should be celebrated, this may go a little bit too far.

Over the weekend Fanatics, an official apparel partner of the National Hockey League, revealed a new product in their lineup, a shirt that celebrates the Canadiens amazing first round comeback but one that in my estimation is also meant to take a jab at their long time rivals in Toronto. I have to be honest I don't love the shirt to begin with and I think the product is a bit tacky as well but I can certainly see why some would want to own one, especially to have it on hand to wear the next time the Maple Leafs come to town.

The shirt, which is primarily black in color with white writing on it, features "It was 3 - 1" prominently on the back of the shirt, a slogan that was used extensively on social media in the days leading up to Game 7 between the two teams and one that saw even more use immediately following the Canadiens defeat of the Maple Leafs in that game. In many cases that slogan has been used to mock the Maple Leafs and although that isn't always the case, I can't imagine that those designing this shirt would have somehow failed to notice this.

Here's a look at the back from this image courtesy of the official website:

Although I think the back of the shirt looks pretty decent, it's on the other side where the problems arise in my estimation. The front of the shirt is effectively a collection of 4 photos, all from key moments in the series, that looks like some kind of collage you would see online.

Here's a look:

Here's a close up of the front to give you a better idea of the pictures that were used in the making of this shirt:

Like I said it's a bit much in my estimation, and there's something a bit bush league about celebrating advancing in the first round of the playoffs with a commemorative t-shirt as well. Hopefully the Canadiens do not tempt the ire of the hockey gods with this one.