Habs reveal Price contract structure.

These are WELL calculated numbers.

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Carey Price signed the biggest goalie contract in the history of hockey a few weeks ago and people went crazy. How was it possible to give so much money to a goalie, for so long? The Canadiens have been around the block a few times and they must know what they're doing with their franchise player, but it was still surprising. 

Today, we learned the exact details of Price's contract and a few important details are now known. 

One thing pops right away, the vast majority of his contract is paid as a signing bonus. Price won't make more than 2M$ as a base salary during any of the next 8 seasons. Price received a HUGE chunk of money upfront, which tells us the star players might be anticipating a lockout at some point around 2021-2022 and want to secure as much liquidity as possible before it happens. 

It also tells that Price will receive a huge part of his salary through bonuses, payable before each season. If a lock would happen, he would still get paid a sizable part of his money. Let's say he will be more scared about the end of the world than the end of the month. 

All these numbers have been crunched and analyzed by both the team and Price's professionals, so it gives a good indication about the level of thinking that goes into these kinds of contracts.