Habs win Game 5, Couturier drops Lehkonen, Voracek fights Weber and all Hell breaks loose!

Old time hockey, baby!

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If you missed tonight's Game 5 action between the Montreal Canadiens and Philadelphia Flyers you missed one HELL of a hockey game.

The Habs prevailed 5-3 to stay alive in the series, but there were so many twists and turns in this game that it felt like a roller coaster ride. There were big goals, big saves, big hits, some controversial calls and even a rare reverse goalie pull. It was truly a game that had a bit of everything.

So how do you cap off a game that has a bit of everything? By grabbing someone and punching them in the face, of course.

After the Habs iced the game with an empty net goal, Flyers forward Sean Couturier elected to drop Habs forward Artturi Lehkonen... just 'cause. Lehkonen, of course, didn't take to kindly to it and he came back at Couturier. Then all Hell broke loose... 

Jakub Voracek and Shea Weber had a bit of a tussle and everyone seemed to partner off until the officials could get things under control.

Check it out:

That's old time hockey, baby!