Halak absolutely loses it on his crossbar after shootout loss to Devils!

​Broken hearts and broken sticks for Boston…

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Jaroslav Halak isn’t to blame, but he sure lost his temper on Tuesday afternoon.

His Boston Bruins were finishing the year in New Jersey and led the Devils for most of the game as the veteran goalie made a total of 42 saves. 

However, the Devils managed to get back into the mix and tied the game 2 apiece, pushing it to overtime and then to a six-round shootout. Damon Severson scored in the sixth round to give the Devils a 3-2 victory over the Bruins.

And Halak was not happy about it. A fan caught the netminder losing it his crossbar, breaking his stick in half and throwing it to the ice in frustration. 

Check it out: 

Halak ended up matching  his season high in saves (42) and shots faced (44) in the shootout loss.

But it wasn’t enough. And you can tell by the video it really pissed him off…