Hall-of-Fame video shoot with Selanne & Kariya fails horribly.

Two former teammates turn a simple shoot into a lengthy one.

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You would think shooting a Hall-of-Fame induction video shoot with two extremely well respected former National Hockey League players would be a relatively simple matter, but sometimes the players make things difficult. 

Former Anaheim Ducks' stars Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne were asked to do a shoot together and the two former teammates readily agreed to do so, but unfortunately for the camera crew they were a terrible pairing. 

The problem was the fact that there was too much chemistry between the two former teammates, chemistry that appeared to turn the duo into a pair of goofballs who couldn't keep a straight face in front of the camera. 

Thankfully the Ducks caught all their antics on camera and now we can all enjoy the behind the scenes of the video shoot and laugh right along with them.