Hartman facing suspension for slew-foot on Debrincat.

Hartman facing suspension for slew-foot on Debrincat.

The Minnesota Wild's Ryan Hartman will likely face a suspension for a slew-foot that went unnoticed by the officials.

Jonathan Larivee

The National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety has caught Minnesota Wild forward Ryan Hartman.

Although the officials that were on the ice for today's clash between the Wild and the Detroit Red Wings missed the play in real time, the league has announced that, upon further review, Hartman will face further discipline due to a slew-foot he delivered to Red Wings forward Alex DeBrincat on Sunday.

Hartman did a very good job of disguising his slew-foot from the officials on the ice, so much so that the only player penalized on the play would end up being DeBrincat for a retaliatory crosscheck, but the existence of replay technology has landed him in hot water with the league.

Hartman will now face a hearing on Monday, one that is likely to lead to a suspension given the fact that there was no penalty at all called against Hartman on the play. The Wild, who are now on a 7 game losing streak, will likely have to play without Hartman for at least a game moving forward.

If you haven't seen the incident in question, here's a great replay angle of the slew-foot.