Hawks announced yet more healthy scratches.

It's a different approach.

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As the Playoffs approach quickly, different teams pick different strategies to optimize their chances for a deep run. For some coaches, players have to play a lot and keep their game sharp. For others, it's a matter of taking it easy, healing the bumps and bruises and be as fresh as possible comes the big day. 

Coach Q and the Blackhawks decidedly went along the second path. Their spot is already locked in and the home ice is a guarantee at this point. Their strategy is clearly to relax for a bit. 

Why not take a little breather and give the younger players some quality ice time? Interestingly, Patrick Kane is not in the list even though he plays tons of minutes each night. He's such a beast that maybe he simply refused to get night off? 

The Hawks will face the Ducks in Anaheim tonight, a good test for both teams.