Hayley Wickenheiser puts out a call for help.

Details inside.

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A lack of supplies around the world has led to some pretty desperate times for health care workers around the world as they look to battle the ongoing global crisis and as it turns out even Canada has been seriously impacted by the sudden shortage in supplies. Of course this is due in part to the aid that Canada initially sent to China in an effort to help that country battle what quickly has become a global issue, but human gestures of that nature are one of the many reasons that Canada has the reputation that it does globally. 

In spite of the good intentions behind that gesture however it has resulted in very real problems at home and now there are Canadian athletes who are literally begging for help from their fellow citizens. One such athlete is none other than Olympic Gold Medalist Hayley Wickenheiser who took to social media on Sunday in an effort to help friends who are on the front line of this crisis in Toronto, Ontario. Wickenheiser claims that she has been receiving desperate pleas from health care workers who are in desperate need of supplies and has even volunteered to personally deliver some of this equipment if there are Canadians who are able to help.

In the effort of preserving the spirit of her message, here is her plea unedited and in full:

After desperate pleas from my front line friends in Toronto, I have decided to put an ask out. These items are not for my use at all. I’m not seeking cash, rather these items: 1350 N95 (68 boxes)13,500 surgical masks (135 boxes)
13,500 gloves (135 boxes)1,350 chemo gowns

if you are a business or person in Toronto and you can help, I will personally pick up these items myself w/ proper distancing and PPE. I don’t have much to offer in return, maybe a signed jersey, a smile and guaranteed good Karma. If you can help email:

Obviously this is a very serious matter so if you can help in any way shape or form please do what you can. That being said do not put yourself out if you can't afford to help, everyone can do their part simply by staying home and practicing social distancing at this time.