Head coach accuses player for embellishment, after his player gets ejected.

Video inside.

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Last night, in the game between the Dallas Stars and the New York Islanders, Stars' defenseman Jason Demers was ejected after a dangerous hit on Isles' Cal Clutterbuck.

Lindy Ruff wasn't happy with the referee's decision and accused Clutterbuck of embellishment:

"I think the guy that got hit has a history of diving. I don't think (Demers) elbowed him, I don't think he did anything really. And he didn't seem hurt, but he sold a pretty good one to us. Maybe he deserved a minor penalty. That's my take on it."

Clutter buck briefly left the game, but came back and scored two goals. For Demers, he has been disciplined already by the NHL, it would be interesting if he gets suspended for his hit on Clutterbuck.