Head coach calls his players 'stupid' after Game 2 loss.


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After Sunday's loss put the Anaheim Ducks in a surprising 2-0 deficit in their first-round series with the Nashville Predators, head coach Bruce Boudreau laid the blame on his team's apparent lack of discipline and poor decision making.

"We were just stupid out there," Boudreau said in a postgame press conference. "The penalties we take sometimes are just so selfish and so dumb."

The Ducks gave up five power plays on the night, and a David Perron interference penalty late in the second period set up Shea Weber's eventual game-winner for the Predators. Meanwhile, Anaheim had just one power play on the night, leaving them playing in their own zone for a good portion of the game.

"It was disappointing to us," Boudreau said when asked about the team's frustration level. "That's why we didn't get any power plays - because we're doing stupid stuff and they're just smiling and having a good old time."

The series now turns to Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, where the Ducks lost a pair of games earlier this season. They now have a deep hole to dig themselves out of if they want to get back into this series.