Heads may roll in Columbus over Mike Babcock fiasco.
Kyle Robertson/The Columbus Dispatch/Associated Press  

Heads may roll in Columbus over Mike Babcock fiasco.

It's not just Mike Babcock's job that is on the line in Columbus according to one NHL insider.

Jonathan Larivee

The Columbus Blue Jackets find themselves in the midst of an ugly situation involving head coach Mike Babcock, and it sounds like several jobs may be on the line as a result.

This week, National Hockey League insider Darren Dreger commented on the developments in the Babcock fiasco and to the surprise of many he indicated that there could very well be some high profile members of the Blue Jackets organization on their way out as a result of this mess. Dreger was asked whether or not he thought Babcock could be fired from his position as head coach over this news, and not only did he answer in the affirmative but he also implied general manager Jarmo Kekalainen could also lose his job over this mess.

"Yeah, I mean that's plausible," said Dreger when asked if Babcock could be fired. "At this stage and based on the information that has been discover and percolated to the surface in the last 48 hours I think there's a chance of that. And beyond that don't you wonder about management of the Columbus Blue Jackets?"

Dreger cited Babcock's history with both the Toronto Maple Leafs and with the Detroit Red Wings as reasons why management could get swept up in this, a history that everyone in the hockey world is well aware of at this stage of Babcock's career.

"There's history in how this man goes about his coaching business," said Dreger. "Should Jarmo Kekalainen be held accountable for hiring Mike Babcock in the first place?"

Kekalainen has been in his position since 2013 and is one of the longest tenured general managers in the NHL, so it would come as a shock to see him fired and it would likely result in a major organizational shift for the Blue Jackets.