Heartbreaking reason for Martin St. Louis' departure may have been linked

Let's hope that everything will be okay.



Montreal Canadiens head coach Martin St. Louis has taken a personal leave of absence from the team as he deals with a family situation, and now, more details about what may be taking place have been leaked. 

There may be some kind of health issue with the son of St. Louis, as hinted at by defenseman David Savard this past weekend. And that appears to have been confirmed by insider Maxime Truman, who wrote the following on his X (formerly known as Twitter) account: 

(Translated from French) 

"I wouldn't be surprise that we know more about the situation of Martin St-Louis' youngest son today."

"I won't say anything. It's private.

It's up to the family or the Canadiens to share those details, or not." 

We certainly hope that everything is okay with the St. Louis family and that Martin is able to return to coaching the Canadiens in short order. His absence certainly was felt on Saturday night, as the Canadiens dropped their matchup against St. Louis' former team, the Calgary Flames, by a 5-2 final score. 

The former 2024 Stanley Cup champion with the Tampa Bay Lightning is in his third year coaching the Habs. 

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Source: Twitter