Henrik Zetterberg: a ray of light in the Wings season.

Head Coach Jeff Blashill and teammates open up about Henrik Zetterberg's leadership

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When you’re the captain of Hockey Town, it’s hard to stay out of the spotlight. Despite that, Henrik Zetterberg is having a great season, but most people haven’t noticed yet.

In an interview with Kevin Allen from USA TODAY, Detroit Red Wings coach Jeff Blashil spoke about his team’s captain. At the age of 36, most players are looking to lighten their workload on the ice, but not Zetterberg. “In fact, he has demanded more ice time by being our best player on a nightly basis” Blashil said.

It is incredible what Zetterberg has accomplished this season: He is the highest scoring player on the team by about 20 points (15 goals, 45 assists), and the Swedish forward has a plus/minus of +15 while palying for a Red Wings team with a 29-32-11 record that has 33 more goals against than goals scored.


Blashil spoke to his captain’s two-way skillset saying, ““He’s the best grinder who has ever been around the league because he has a fierce competitive level that won’t allow him to lose individual battles”.

Zetterberg’s teammates were equally full of praise, with forward Dylan Larkin confirming that, “Any player who plays with him is scoring… You put your stick on the ice and he finds you”.

Zetterberg leads by example, and his modesty and work ethic have earned him the respect of his peers and his coaches, all while putting up an exemplarity season that has largely flow under the radar.

There is no doubt that the Red Wings have the right man leading their team through a difficult transition period for the franchise.