Here's how many points the Top-10 Maple Leafs players will have this season!

Time to prepare for your fantasy draft!

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We're now only days away from the 2019-20 NHL season, meaning it is now Fantasy Hockey season and hardcore fans are setting up for their fantasy draft after a long summer! 

Naturally, we all want to predict as precisely as possible how many points NHL players are going to notch in the upcoming season in order to have an edge on the competition.

While lots of guides are on the market, there's this one, the Ultimate Pool Preview, that stands out from the rest. Using the projections from a dozen of the best forecasters in the world and adding its own from their experts staff, the UPP has built a formula that come up with the most accurate projection for every single player in the league.

So, how are the Toronto Maple Leafs going to look like this season? 

Here's a look at their projected top-10 players for the year:

According to the results, recently signed forward Mitch Marner is expected to finish once again at the top of his team with a 92-point production (Most optimistic forecaster: 97 / Most pessimistic: 81).

He will be closely followed by his linemate John Tavares with a projected total of 88 points (Most optimistic: 91 / Most pessimistic: 78).

And Auston Matthews will close the top-3 with an expected 87-point season (Most optimistic: 93 / Most pessimistic: 81), which would be a career best for the young superstar.

With no surprise, Morgan Rielly is set to finish atop of the team's defensemen with 66 points (Most optimistic: 74 / Most pessimistic: 58).

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