Hero makes a quick beer run after realizing no one brought post-game beers

Tarps off, gut out, skates on and he still makes a beer run... THAT'S leadership!

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If you're a beer leaguer, you know just how glorious that first post-game beer is. You've just sweated your bag off for 60 mins and win or lose, you get to take a seat, crack a cold one and take a sip of that sweet, sweet nectar. Honestly... it's about as good as life gets.

There's nothing better than pulling off a big win and then cracking a couple cold ones with the boys (or girls!) in the room and recapping the game's highlights. It's just the best.

But... there are dark days.

The days when no one brings any beer. "Huh?! I thought YOU were up this week!", "No buddy! You said YOU were on it this week!"

It's the worst. You just gave it your all for 60 mins and now you're left sitting there like a beer-less loser. Unless, of course, you have a hero like this dude on your team.

Check it out:

Now THAT'S leadership, baby! This big unit knows that the boys need to refuel after the game so what does he do? Hits the Beer store with no tarp, gut hanging out and with his wheels still strapped on. 100% beauty. I'd follow this guy into battle any day of the week.