Highly controversial NHL referee gets the call for Game 5 on Saturday.

Tim Peel gets the call.

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This certainly will not be a particularly popular decision among some segments of the National Hockey League's fan base, although I must admit it does not come as much of a surprise at all.

According to a report from National Hockey League referee tracking website Scouting the Refs, referee Tim Peel, a highly controversial figure, will be given the call for Game 5 this evening between the San Jose Sharks and the Colorado Avalanche. That is right if you are a member of the Boston Bruins or Columbus Blue Jackets fan base then you are likely breathing a sigh of relief right now. Scouting the Refs reports that Peel and referee Marc Joannette will be calling the game tonight between the Avs and the Sharks and they will be joined by linesmen Devin Berg and Greg Devorski. 

Peel of course has made a name for himself as one of the worst National Hockey League officials in the business and, to be blunt, if it was not for the existence of one Francois St. Laurent I think it would be a fair bet to suggest that Peel is in fact the worst referee in the NHL. He has often been criticized for poor game management and it has even been suggested that criticism from players or coaches during a game can lead to him making emotional calls against the team that those players or coaches represent. 

If you're a Bruins or a Blue Jackets fan and you're wondering who will be calling the game for your respective teams this evening it will be referees re Brian Pochmara and Wes McCauley who get the call for that game. McCauley has also earned some criticism as of late but his good nature on the ice and the hilarious interactions he has with players at times have made him far more palatable than referees like Peel or St. Laurent. Meanwhile  the linesmen who will be joining them for the Bruins vs Blue Jackets will be Scott Cherrey and Derek Amell.

No doubt there will be plenty of eyes on the officiating in the late game between the Avalanche and the San Jose Sharks this evening, and for good reason.