Highly skilled defenseman was offered in blockbuster deal but it was rejected.

Rumors of a big deal that fell to the wayside.

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There were a number of moves on trade deadline day, but this undoubtedly would have been the biggest one of them all had it become a reality.

The Fourth Period's B.D. Gallof is now reporting that defenseman Travis Hamonic was in fact on the trading block as rumored during the trade deadline, and furthermore Gallof believes he was offered up as part of what would have been a blockbuster trade.

"I will go to my grave that... Hamonic was offered for Duchene this deadline," said Gallof.

The Avalanche were reportedly looking for a young defenseman, a high end draft pick and perhaps even an additional piece in order to move on Duchene, but according to Gallof they didn't value Hamonic nearly enough to consider making the deal.

"Hamonic seemed to be not desired by Avs when it comes down to it. Solid & great character guy, but not trade bait fans think he is."

It's unclear what other pieces the Islanders offered to try and make this deal a reality but one thing is certain, it wasn't enough to sway general manager Joe Sakic who will now look to the NHL Draft as a possible moment to finally get this deal done.