Hockey fan attracts attraction for weird reasons!

She doesn't have a care in the world.

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Hockey is a very intense sport that have you right at the edge of your seat most of the time. However, a woman attracted attention for a very different reason tonight in Washington. 

At that point, the Penguins were ahead on the scoreboard and the ambiance was crazy. This knitting lady was taking all the ambiance in, but she knitted all the while. 

She replied to this mean tweet in the best way! 

There's actually a very decent reason to do it during a hockey game apparently, as she mentioned to Pittsburgh Magazine.

''I realized when I was knitting, I didn’t get so mad at the bad plays or that my team was losing or the refs weren’t paying attention or whatever. And when I wasn’t so mad, I enjoyed the game a whole lot more. When knitting, I tend to pay attention better; I remember more plays; I can watch the action closer AND I don’t get angry (big plus for me!)."

She will have further excuses to knit, as the Capitals won tonight's game and the series is going to Pittsburgh for game 6!