Hockey fans freak out after Jack Edwards is chosen as NHL’s best local announcer

Love him or hate him, Jack manages to get a reaction out of you either way.

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The NHL ran an informal poll on social media earlier today asking fans to choose their favourite local media broadcaster. The problem though… fans are limited to just three options:

  1. Jack Edwards - Boston Bruins - NESN
  2. Darren Pang - St. Louis Blues - FS Midwest
  3. John Forslund - Carolina Hurricanes - FS Carolinas

I mean… I’ll be honest and say that none of those guys are really my cup of tea. Panger is pretty good, I guess. But when it comes to local (not National) American broadcasters I’m more partial to Rick Jeanneret from the Buffalo Sabres, Darryl Reaugh from the Dallas Stars or Jim Jackson from the Philadelphia Flyers. In Canada John Shorthouse and John Garrett from the Vancouver Canucks are legendary and it’s hard to beat the combo of Chris Cuthbert and Ray Ferraro when the Toronto Maple Leafs play regional games on TSN.

But really… Jack Edwards? 

Look, I get it… Bruins fans love him and it’s easy to understand why. Edwards, maybe more than any other broadcaster in the NHL, truly gets his audience. He understands what it’s like to be a Bruins fan because he IS a Bruins fan. He speaks to the team’s fanbase in a way that no other broadcaster does and that’s what sets him apart. It’s also what irritates other fanbases beyond belief. 

In any case, read the comments in this poll put out by the league and it’s clear that the love for Edwards amongst the Bruins faithful is strong.

Check it out:

Love him or hate him, you have to respect Edwards as a broadcaster. For better or worse, he’s changed the game in many respects.