Hockey Mom does live play-by-play for parents who aren't allowed in the arena due to restrictions

Just more proof that Hockey Moms are the best people in the world.

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Found this story on Facebook and just HAD to share it because... well when we can boost up a Hockey Mom we're going to do it 100% of the time. Hockey Moms are literally the best people on Earth.

Check out Hockey Mom and 100% beauty Karyn Christiana Chenoweth doing play by play of her son's team the Raleigh Raptors for parents who aren't allowed in the arena due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Check it out:

I gotta say... that's PRETTY damn good, Karyn! You're not just mailing this job in, there's some real enthusiasm in your voice! Warms my heart, honestly.

Check out this photos from fellow team parent Craig Stevens who says, "If you can’t bang on the glass, you gotta tailgate..."

That honestly looks like a total blast! Kudos to these awesome hockey parents for making things work during COVID-19. Big time props. Go Raptors!