Hockey players try Red Bull Crashed Ice for the first time with zero practice

These guys are insane. Love it!

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If you've never seen or heard of Red Bull Crashed Ice, you are in for a real treat.

Essentially, a bunch of maniacs compete in a downhill skating course and... well they crash into each other and nearly kill themselves. It's pretty awesome, to be honest.

Here's the official description from Red Bull, the event sponsor:

Crashed Ice (full official name: Red Bull Crashed Ice) is a world tour in the winter extreme sporting event, ice cross downhill (or downhill ice cross), which involves downhill skating in an urban environment, on a track which includes steep turns and high vertical drops. The series was created and is managed by energy drinks company Red Bull. It is similar to ski cross and snowboard cross, except with ice skates on an ice track, instead of skis or snowboards on a snow track.[1]
Competitors, having advanced from one of the tryouts in the prior months, race in heats of four skaters, with the top two advancing from each heat. Racers, typically ice hockey players (however, the seven times single event winner Jasper Felder was a bandy player,[2][3][4] who in that sport represented the United States, while in ice cross dowhill represented Sweden), outfitted as such, speed down the course’s turns, berms, and jumps.

It's an extremely entertaining event that has to be seen to be believed. So... without further ado, we present to you hockey players giving it a go for the first time with zero practice: