Hoglander takes a slapshot to the face, casually skates off like nothing is wrong

A soccer or basketball player would have been taken away in an ambulance.


As if things could get any worse for the Vancouver Canucks...

The struggling Canucks take on the Toronto Maple Leafs once again tonight and the game didn't start off the way Canucks rookie Nils Hoglander envisioned, I'm sure. Midway through the first period of the game and Hoglander took a slapshot directly to the face, creating what essentially looked like a crime scene. It doesn't appear that Hoglander takes the puck directly off his face, but rather it looks like his visor created a pressure cut on hsi face that resulted in a LOT of blood loss.

Check it out:

That's doesn't look good...

Incredibly though, Hoglander made it off the ice without help and seemed more annoyed than disturbed with the sheer volume of blood pouring out of his face.

Check it out:

 Sheesh... that's a lot of blood. Don't let anyone tell you that hockey players aren't the toughest athletes in professional sports. An NBA player would have called for an ambulance... a soccer player would have called for his Last Rites prayer...

UPDATE: Hoglander has re-joined the team for the 2nd period, seemingly no worse for wear.