Hornqvist tries to get Lehner to fight as line brawl erupts on the ice!

Things are getting out of hand!

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Things have gotten so intense between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the New York Islanders in Game 4 as the Pens face elimination. 

The Penguins haven’t found an answer to Robin Lehner, who’s been dying best player Sidnet Crosby since the start of the series. Teammate Patric Hornqvist then decided during the second period of tonight’s game to find another way to get into the goalie’s head. 

Hornqvist went up to the netminder and got very close to him in his crease. As the forward and pushed him, Lehner hit him with his stick which prompted Hornqvsit to try and get him to fight. As we all know from Lehner’s past, he is used to getting physical. Lehner pushed him back and the two men started to scuffle before the officials broke them apart. 

However, Lehner was still trying to get some shots in. You do not mess with that goaltender and fans across the NHL know it. 

It didn’t take long for the rest of the players to come to the defense of their respective teammates and things got out of hand and ended up in a line brawl. 

Things are heating up and we love it! 

And Hornqvist should be careful... we all remember this photo: