Horrifying moment as player falls and gets kicked in the face with a skate.

Warning: Disturbing video inside.

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Despite all the bad hits from behind, or head shots that you see, nothing is more terrifying then watching a player get hit with the blade of a skate.

On Thursday night in a battle of New York between the Rangers and the Islanders, Islanders' defenseman Adam Pelech was struck in the face by the skate of Rangers forward Derek Stepan.

Pelech fell to the ice in his attempt to stop Stepan from getting a shot off on goal, and it was that fall that placed his face square in the path of a mule kick from Stepan.

Despite how bad it looked, and despite having a very noticeable gash on his face after being cut upon, Pelech unbelievably came back out for the 2nd period, and he deserves a ton of credit for it.