Host Jimmy Kimmel hits Canadians with a low blow during Emmy Awards ceremony

Safe to say that border won't be opening anytime soon.

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If you're like me, you're painfully out of date when it comes to pop culture. Sure, I might see a few movies a year and binge something on Netflix every now and then, but for the most part I have no clue what's happening in Hollywood. I'm not exactly up to date on the hottest new films and, quite frankly, I feel like I could walk right past most famous Hollywood actors in the grocery store without giving them a second look. Movies and television just aren't my thing... I'll take a good hockey game on the TV over a blockbuster movie any day of the week.

But, when Hollywood and the NHL overlap, that's when I stand up and take notice.

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel was tabbed to host the Emmy Awards this past weekend and typically I wouldn't be too interested, but Kimmel actually had a nice little NHL tie in to the broadcast, even if it came in the form of a joke against Canadians. With Canadian sticom "Shitt's Creek" cleaning up at the Emmy's this year, Kimmel pointed out to Canadians the one trophy that they don't have.

Check it out:

Ooof... that's a low blow, Mr. Kimmel.

Here's the thing though... you might want to check the passports of whichever team wins that sucker. I'm willing to bet that a large percentage of them are Canadian. Oh... and whether it's the Tampa Bay Lightning or the Dallas Stars who win the Stanley Cup, it'll be a Canadian who first hoists it above his head. Sour grapes on my part? Maybe. But let's not pretend like the USA is a superior hockey nation because of Stanley Cup winners. Frankly it's nonsense. Both Canada and the United States are full of fantastic hockey people and the fact of the matter is that hockey is such a great sport because its fans across the entire world. 

Now... having said all that. Canada needs a Stanley Cup championship ASAP so we can stop this nonsense. Who's the best bet? Leafs? Canucks? Oilers?