How Brayden Schenn almost ended up on the Bruins

A midseason trade that would have changed everything!

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If you’re not watching Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final right now… first off what are you doing with your life? And second off, get the game on NOW! The teams are putting on some very entertaining hockey.

St. Louis Blues forward Brayden Schenn has a goal and an assist so far, but the real story of the evening came during the second intermission when NHL insider Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet reported on how Schenn almost… ALMOST ended up as a member of the Boston Bruins.

Check out this quote from Friedman: 

“Around American Thanksgiving his agent… called him and said, ‘There might be something going on with the Bruins.’”
“He had that in his mind, it just went away and he doesn’t know what happened to it. It never occurred but it was close enough that his agent called him and said he could be a Bruin. Tonight he’s a Bruin and they’re thankful for it.”

Wow… to say that would have changed the complexion of the Stanley Cup Final is putting things lightly. Frankly, the Blues probably don’t make it this far without Schenn. C’est la vie.