Huge hit from Witkowski sends NHL rookie flying through the air.

Big hit sends the rookie flying.

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Former 2016 first round pick in the National Hockey League Entry draft Mikhail Sergachev is probably very happy to be getting regular ice time after being traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning, but the rookie defenseman got a rough welcome to the league on Monday night. 

27-year-old Red Wings forward Luke Witkowski saw a chance to line up a big hit on the Lightning defenseman and he did not miss a beat, catching Sergachev square with a big and powerful hit that sent flying through the air to land a few feet back from the point of impact. 

To Sergachev's credit, he bounced right back up and didn't let the ill effects of the big hit show too much in his stride back up the ice. Nonetheless you know the 19-year-old will be keeping his eyes peeled when Witkowski is one the ice tonight.