Huge rumors about Michal Neuvirth arises!

Is he about to move?

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The draft expansion is on the mind of everyone being interesting even remotely in hockey. This unique event brings a lot of new options on the NHL table and it opens the window of opportunity for teams looking to move some of their assets to Vegas rapidly by not protecting them for the draft. 

This is exactly what seems to be the case with Michal Neuvirth and the Flyers. The skilled goalie has been fighting for the top spot against Steve Mason in Philadelphia but the odds are Neuvirth will be the unprotected goalie among them. In fact, it could very well be the perfect scenario for Vegas' George McPhee.

According to reports, McPhee is really interested in Neuvirth, after managing him in Washington a few years ago. He has a lot of positive to say about him. 

"As a goaltender, we always described Michal as a guy who was technically perfect," McPhee said at the NHL scouting combine Saturday. "He certainly has a great physique and body composition for the position."

 Would McPhee pick Neuvirth if he was available? 

"We'll see. I'm certainly not going to talk about who we might be interested in".

The rumor would make sense, but the final list of exposed players will only be made available on June 18th. Vegas will make their picks known on June 21st.