Huge scandal after lawsuit documents reveal unbelievable comments from the NHL.

You have to see it to believe it.

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The National Hockey League has a major scandal on it's hands after leaked court documents show them describing their former players in a rather unkind way.

A report from TSN's Rick Westhead has revealed that in order to battle the lawsuit the league is currently facing regarding head injuries to their former players, they describe those players as nothing but puppets.

From Westhead's report:

According to a decision in the case that was unsealed late Monday, the league wrote in court documents that former NHL players like Larson who are suing the league are “mere puppets” who “certainly would not have had the mental faculties to write lucid and sophisticated op-eds for publications.”

The NHL asked a judge for help obtaining correspondence between those former players and CLS Strategies, a Washington-based public relations firm that has given communications advice to the lawyers who represent a group of more than 100 former NHL players suing the league.

The league has already received significant backlash for these comments, and we expect that will only grow as the story gets out to more and more fans of both the league and it's former players.