Huge update on injured Canadian captain Barrett Hayton just minutes before the final.

Hayton injured in the semi final.

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There has been no official confirmation just yet but this is looking like very good news for the Canadian squad. 

Canada's captain Barrett Hayton was injured over the weekend in the semi final of the International Ice Hockey Federation's World Junior Championship tournament and at the time it seemed almost certain that Hayton would be unable to continue in the tournament. The Canadian captain went hard into the boards and appeared to injure his arm, which buckled under the weight of both Hayton and the Finnish player that was on top of him as both men crashed into the boards. To be clear this was not a dirty play by Finland's Lassi Thompson but seemed to be more the unfortunate result of two guys fighting hard for the puck.

As a result many expected that Hayton would miss the final, but it now appears as though there is some very good news on the horizon for Canada. According to a report from TSN''s Gord Miller it appears as though Hayton was out with his team for warm ups prior to the game, and although he may only be just testing himself, I highly suspect that the Canadian squad expects him to play today. The game is just minutes away so we will know for sure very shortly.