Huge update on Marc-Andre Fleury’s possible imminent trade!

Huge update on Marc-Andre Fleury’s possible imminent trade!

GM Bill Guerin was forced to admit this:



Although netminder Marc-Andre Fleury would love to stay with the Minnesota Wild, there is a chance he could be approached by general manager Bill Guerin ahead of the March 8 deadline for a possible trade.

However, Guerin revealed to Mike Morreale of on Friday that he’s not the one in power and that Fleury will be the one making the decision on his future ahead of the deadline.

“I think MA has earned the right to call the shots. It’s a complicated situation. The best thing now is to just play hockey and not complicate with ‘what-ifs.’ I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ll talk to him; it won’t take long to figure it out.”

There is no doubt that Fleury will generate trade interest league-wide, but because he has a no-trade clause it’ll be up to him to ultimately decided where he ends up.

I also believe Guerin has too much respect for Fleury to go against his beloved goalie’s wishes.

Earlier this month in a French interview with TVA Sports, Fleury did indicated his desire to stay in Minnesota.

“Every year, when players’ contracts come to an end, names of pending free agents always come up in the rumors to be on the move. For me, my team is Minnesota. We have such a good group of guys and great chemistry. I’ve been here for over two seasons. I’m not thinking about leaving or going somewhere else. I want to continue to fight with my team to try to make the postseason.”

In recent years, Fleury has known all too well about the trade deadline chaos when he was moved to the Wild at the 2022 trade deadline after a controversial move from the Vegas Golden Knights to the Chicago Blackhawks in the summer of 2021. He may be looking to stay put as he keeps helping the Wild to stay alive in the playoff race.

Ahead of Friday’s game against the Edmonton Oilers, Minnesota sits sixth in the Central division with 58 points, just four behind the St. Louis Blues who are currently holding on to the last Wild card playoff spot in the Western conference. The Wild and Fleury still have a shot at the postseason.

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