Humboldt Broncos receive standing ovation during Leafs vs Red Wings game this evening

Just more proof that hockey people are the best people in the world.

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It’s hard to believe but it’s been exactly eight months to the day that the Humboldt Broncos were involved in a tragic bus crash that claimed the lives of 16 individuals and injured 13 others.

In the eight months that have passed since that fateful day, the survivors of the crash have attempted to lead as normal lives as possible. But after losing their teammates and friends, there’s no way things can ever be “normal” for these boys ever again. If there’s any silver lining to this awful tragedy though, it’s that the boys have been adopted by the hockey community at large and the families of all those affected have been cared for by hockey fans across the globe.

A GoFundMe account set up to help the families involved set a financial record, surviving players were honored and the victims were memorialized on stage at the NHL Awards this past summer. Earlier tonight players were also recognized during a stoppage in play at the Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings game. Unsurprisingly, the boys received rousing applause and a standing ovation.

Check it out:

Incredible. Good on the Leafs organization for setting this up and good on the fans for letting these boys know just how much they’re cared for. Humboldt Strong.